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The submarine operated like the entire hull submerged in the water, but semi-submarine has a transparent window at the bottom of the hull through which you can see underwater. Boat has transparent materials at the bottom and allows you to see ground underwater. In addition, transparent windows are equipped in the front and side of semi-submarine allows you to see the various underwater environments. Semi-submarine has advantages from both submarine and general boat.
Existing semi-submarine can hold mainly 20-40 passengers on board at the same time. It made a situation in which people stayed in a confined and tight space and feel uncomfortable and you can watch routine courses that an operator defined. But only family or couples can board on Compact Semi-submarine and then you can operate it by yourself and see any place which you want to see like a snorkeling. By default you need to swim to some extent and have a risk of burns due to ultraviolet radiation in order to snorkel, but you can see underwater safety and comfortably without and risks. Semi-submarine has advantages from both submarine and general boat.
Normally it depends on battery life, but charge is completed for 6~9 hours. It would be enough time to operate next day morning after it returned to the dock on sunset.
Acrylic material is the best material for underwater viewing. Mainly it is used in producing aquarium and has highly transparency (Clear: 92% light transmission) Because it has a UV protection function as time goes it does not have yellowing effect which changes the color of acryl.
Because it has about 200 times stronger than the same thickness of glass, it’s designed to prevent from damage. Because it is madeto prevent transformation due to water pressure, the damage by water pressure almost does not occur.
Not really, You can easily operate it rather than regular boats. It would be good, if you learn a simple basic education before boarding, For example, how to operate it and what to do upon emergency.
It depends on the quantity of ship to order. Since Penguin SE is not sold for private, it depends on the quantity of ship to order, but it usually takes 3~4 months after order.
Yes, it is possible. It depends on the location and purpose of use and you can change it partially but you will have to fully explain the requests in advance.
If you inform a nearest dealer or the address below the number of ships which you want to place an order, I’ll answer as soon as possible.
Yes, you can. You can ask a nearest dealer or visit Jeju lsland to ride on. (*Note that Jeju Island is a very beautiful Island in Korea and is very clean, and UNESCO designated is as a beautiful Island in South Korea. If you let us know at address below, we will notify you the date in advance.)
Yes. It has one-year basic warranty for Penguin. Some parts have more than one-year warranty. If the hull or order equipment breaks down within a year, the part will be replaced at 100% free of charge.
Yes, when not in use, it should be out of water at least once a week and the surface be cleaned out. Penguin is an eco-friendly boat and anti fouling paint was not used on the surface at all. At least once a week it should be out of water and cleaned out and dried out. It makes Penguin last long.
For more inquiries, please contact the following e-mail and we will answer in detail. Email : raonhaje@raonhaje-ego.com
Yes, RAONHAJE cooperated with a professional company to design and build the mooring, Therefore, we design and build a variety of mooring for you.
Yes. We provide the operation and management programs for company and person who plan a profitable business.
Yes, we provide the maintenance program for Penguin. Specialists will visit on a regular basis to check up equipments and give a support for maintenance if necessary.
No, Penguin is a model for bulky purchases and operations like the resort or governmental offices. Penguin version is a available for individuals.
Yes, yacht-docking device is custom-made, depending on the model of the yacht that you have. Tell us your own model and we will provide the yacht docking device best fit yours.
It will be released soon
Yes, it’s not available now, but is currently under development.
It is South Korea. Korea’s shipbuilding industry is the world’s No. 1. We produce the highest quality boats based on existing technical know-how in the shipbuilding industry.
No, so far there is no classification for half-submerged boat, You can operate it only if you get safety inspection and notify it.